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Those who have done training in other aspects of the Master Wong system and want to improve their skills in actual real time combat or learn to effectively combine skills and take themselves to the next level usually take up Master Wong’s JKD training.

Body Conditioning
Master Wong believes, as did Bruce Lee that in order for a student to be the best at performing a skill they must also be in the best physical condition. Master Wong focuses on hard conditioning of the body in preparation to learn skill. Balance, flexibility, strength, the ability to take punishment and use your full power potential in the basic combative tools will prepare you to become the best you can be.

Wing Chun
As with the Late Bruce Lee, Master Wong’s foundation is in the Wing Chun system. This close quarter fighting system is the most effective for attacking, defending and producing power at close range and is comprehensive enough to instinctively fall back on when under pressure.

San Shoa
Chinese Kick boxing teaches skill in basic moves such as punching, kicking, elbows, knees and throwing techniques. It is vital to continue learning about distance control and managing combat at full spa range.

Tai Chi
Known as the grand ultimate fist Tai Chi combat unlocks the ability to absorb and control your opponents force so it may be used against them. The strikes of Tai Chi are the most powerful, making complete use of the whole body to deliver the ultimate crushing blow.

Lock and hold
Learning to manipulate your opponent by grabbing and controlling the joints and jerk points in the body you are able to immobilise or even break your opponent’s limbs. This is a valuable skill giving you a deeper understanding of the shape of the body and when combined with knowledge of Tai chi becomes Chi na.

Various weapons maybe used to enhance your skill in combat. Having a weapon and knowing how to use it gives you the advantage in any fight. The use of weapons in JKD is simply to make the weapon the extension of ones self.

Energy drills
Master Wong’s JKD training uses unique Energy drills making it possible for technique to become instinctive. Energy drills are the key to combining tools from different systems and making them functional.

In order to accept this way of thinking you must forget what you think you know and have an open mind!

Here we have outlined some of the core systems included in our JKD body weapon however there is no end to the technique, which may be incorporated into the JKD system.

There are no limits to what can be achieved through training in this way; we are only limited by the limitations we place on ourselves!

JKD is a mentality, a state of mind! the ultimate goal is to make complete use of every part of your body and when the time comes, to express yourself without hesitation to truly become JKD BODY WEAPON!